Mission, vision and goals

Our mission is to promote the solidarity spirit in people, and concentrate our collective effort to support development in the villages of Bolgatanga: by creating sustainable business opportunities for the basket weavers by building an international market for their traditional Bolga baskets, and to bring development to the villages in form of education for children and access to clean water.

Our vision is to see happy women and children in the villages of Bolgatanga, with access to clean water and education, and with business opportunities for the women to support themselves and their families.

Goals for 2015/2016:
– To create business opportunities for the women weavers in the communities Sapieyo Tingane-bisi and Baglisi  in the village Sherigu, by creating international business relations to export the baskets.
– To be able to offer the weavers of the three communities micro-loans, so they can buy the materials to weave more baskets.
– To set a budget for building and running a kindergarden and start fundraising for the school.

Long term Goals:
– To become an significant NGO in terms of bringing development to the villages of Bolgatanga.
– To supply the three communities with at least two additional water pumps, to reduce the distance women have to walk daily to fetch water for their families.
– To extend the micro-loan offer to women in more communities and villages.
– To build and organize the operation of the primary school in Sherigu.
– To extend the international network of basket importers, to help more women build their business. – To extend the supply of water pumps to more communities and villages in Bolgatanga who do not have access to clean water.

If you want to help us reach our goals and support the development of Sherigu, please consider to donate to our organization or to to get involved.