We highly appreciate donations to our projects.

If you want to support us, please transfer the money to our bank account or through Western Union with your name and specify which of our projects you wish to support.

1. Developing the basket business and giving micro-loans.
2. Water pumps in Sherigu.
3. Donations for building and running a primary school in Sherigu.
4. General donations to Lost Opportunities Foundation.

Bank account:

For bank transactions transfer to:

Lost Opportunities Foundation by Fuseini Ayologo
Bank account 0140038251201

Bank address
Stanbic Bank, Bolga Branch
Box 216
Bolgatanga, Upper East Region Ghana

Western Union:
We also receive donations through money transfers if that is more convenient for you and then we transfer it to our bank account. Please get in touch if you want to donate through Western Union.



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