Kindergarten update: Building walls

Last week, thanks to several generous donors, we were able to build walls for the first classroom.

Giorgio’s charity baskets were a huge help, bringing in enough money to coordinate buying all the materials and hiring workers to keep going until the first classroom reaches window level. We are also grateful for a handful of private donations received in the past couple months, which have supplemented Giorgio’s hard work. The village is excited to be another step closer towards providing education for it’s children.

Version 2

The school’s development before the latest donations.

Looking forward, the Foundation will focus all efforts on finishing the first classroom as soon as possible. This will allow the children to have a space to learn, while the community continues to finish the rest of the building, including rooms for administration and space for a playground.

We are so close to finishing the first classroom that the next step is buying concrete pillars for the roof!

Version 2

The village visits the school and celebrates the latest progress.

We also had a visit from a Canadian friend named Mallory. She came to Sherigu to visit the foundation, learn more about basket weaving and see the school’s progress. It was an exciting visit, including a village feast to celebrate building the first walls. Mallory, who is based in London, hopes to help the community steadily work on the school project.

Version 2

Town centre: Sherigu.

There are many ways you can help the children of Sherigu achieve an education:

  1. Buy a basket – we have a wide variety of shapes and sizes all in vibrant colours, and we ship worldwide.
  2. Help us get stocked – if you or someone you know owns a retail shop interested in selling hand made, fair trade products, we offer wholesale pricing on orders of 10 baskets or more.
  3. Work with us – after the success of working with Giorgio we are excited and ready to work with more brands and designers. If you have an idea for a product that uses basket weaving, please get in touch.

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