Happy New Year and Review of 2015

Dear followers of Lost Opportunities Foundation, we hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas celebration, and we wish you all a happy New Year. May all your wishes for the new year be fulfilled!

We had an exciting year with lots of development in the foundation, and the villagers in Sherigu are happy for the people who have visited the village and the weaving projects and supporters from all over the world. We are especially thankful to Giorgio Salani and Etsuko Ito who have been visiting us several times this year. Giorgio, who is a designer, is teaching us a lot and giving us new ideas about basket design. Etsuko have made a great effort to run the maraton in Accra and supported us by fundraising to start building a school in our village. The women who  are weaving for Lost Opportunities Foundation are excitied as the school is developing, and looking forward to sending their youngest children to kindergarden in the near future.

LOF - Etsuko and Giorgio on the bulding site

Etsuko and Giorgio visiting the school project.

We also appreciate the great connection we have build with Mona from Happy Planet in Norway. She started buying baskets from us, and now we also supply her with natural Shea butter and black soap from Ghana. This is an important step for us, to reach more potential partners who can sell our products around the world.

HappyPlanet - vegfestival2015 - 20150524

Happy Planet is selling the Bolga baskets from us on markets in Norway and in their web shop.

We also want to thank all of our Norwegian friends who bought our baskets, and hope to see you visiting us in Ghana some day.

For the first part of the coming year, the school project will be our main focus. We have already made the foundation of the school – and it is designed to become a two classroom kindergarten with an office for the teachers and a playground. It is designed according to governmental standards, so we hope to get approval from government in future when the whole building is finished.

We are still fundraising for the school, and any donations are welcome!

Without you, our dreams would still just be dreams, but through a common effort we manage to make it become reality.

Happy New Year!


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