Fundraising for kindergarten in Sherigu

We are happy to announce that Etsuko Ito is running the Accra Millennium Marathon to fundraise for a kindergarten in our village Sherigu.

Etsuko and Giorgio visiting Sherigu

The illiteracy rate in our village is high. After Etsuko visited the village twice with her husband Giorgio, she see that it´s needed fundraising to resolve some of the most urgent issues in the village – like the lack of education that she chooses to focus on.


With less than 20% of people in the village able to read and write, children who grow up have very little chances to sustain themselves and their families in the future. For the people living in the village, farming and rearing animals is the main income. However, the northern parts of Ghana are known for harsh weather conditions, with long periods of dry weather and extremely high temperatures. In addition, the soil around Bolgatanga is not very fertile for growing crops, so feeding your family from farming alone is difficult. Most families depend on extra income, and weaving baskets is the skill they are specialized in.

Children in Sherigu gathering

Our hope is that more children will have access to basic schooling, which will enable them to have opportunities for higher education and better jobs in the future.

The kindergarten project
The plan of the kindergarten is set in co-operation with Etsuko Ito, and is made in accordance with requirements for governmental schools in Ghana. We will start by building one room where 25-30 children will get the basics reading, writing and calculations – and that is what Etsuko is fundraising for.

The land for the school is donated from the community, and are approved and supported by the locals and the village chiefs.

The fundraising
Etsuoko is aiming to fundraise £1300 for the kindergarten project. This will enable us to set up a concrete building, with all labour contributed from the community. Locals have also devoted to raise the additional funds necessary to finish the building so we can start teaching.

Every donation count for us, and if the fundraising exceeds the goal of Etsuko, it will be spent to develop the kindergarten project further.
Further development
After the first room is set up, graduates from the village have devoted to teach the children on voluntary basis. When we can show the result from our first fundraising, our aim is to continue to look for partners who are willing to help us to develop the primary education in Sherigu. A former Deputy Director of education in Ghana who is from Sherigu, has devoted to help us keep everything according to governmental standards, so it will be possible to be approved as a governmental school in the future when the school building has developed accordingly.


Please go to Etsuko´s fundraising page to make a donation for our school project.

If you are thinking of getting deeper involved in developing education for poor children in Ghana, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss a potential collaboration.

Most children in Sherigu do not go to school

Follow the education project
The development of the school project will be updated on our website every time we have news to share, and you can follow us on Facebook.



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