Meet the women of Sherigu

Our visitors tell us that it is a fantastic to feel so welcome when they arrive our village Sherigu. When we expect visitors, the women always take time to gather to meet our visitors, and to greet them the traditional way with clapping and dancing.

Lost Opportunities Foundation consist of 36 women who is registered in the foundation. In total 80 women sometimes visit the community house to chat and socialize while working, and we also buy baskets from these women if we have large orders. When you meet them, they welcome you with smiling faces and a lot of energy. Today we want to present you for four of the women who contribute to our great co-operation of weavers in the village.

Ayele SueAyele Sue is 46 years old. She is married with 4 children, and none of them are schooling. She has been weaving baskets from more than 15 years. During the rainy season, Ayele Sue is busy helping her husband farming, which is the main income for the family.


AlobaheAlobahe is 50 years, and she is the amazing leader of the women group. She is the backbone of our group, encouraging the other women to believe in better times when business is hard. She is a widow, and has four children. None of them is schooling. She has been weaving since she was a young girl. During rainy season she is busy farming and it is hard work since she is alone with her children.

Alobahe dancing

TeniiTenii is 38 years old. She is married and have four children, none of them schooling. She has been weaving for about 5 years, and tell us that the community is very important for her to develop her skills further. She says she is encouraged to work hard when she see that the foundation buy her baskets for a fair price compared to the big basket dealers.The families main income is farming, but she hope she will be able to do more basket weaving if the international market is expanding through the foundation.

ApegyineApegyine is 60 years old, and she is married with four children. She has been weaving for more than 35 years, learning the skills from her mother. Apegyane is encouraged to go to the community house to socialize and learn, and she is very happy every time she is able to sell a basket to the foundation for a fair prize. She prays that more customers will buy from Sherigu, and her biggest dream is an opportunity for the village children to school to get a proper education and opportunities in life. She is also farming with her family.

This is the story of four of our brave women, and this is quite representative for all the women in our foundation.

By buying our baskets, for business purposes or for yourself, each basket bought will help improve the lives of a family in Sherigu – and all our baskets are fair trade!

Get in touch if you have questions!


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