Happy new year from Lost Opportunities Foundation

We wish all our followers and supporters a happy new year. We had a great celebration with family and friends, and we celebrated Christmas in Accra and the beginning of the New Year in Bolgatanga.

Happy New Year

The women of the foundation in the village celebrated the holiday the traditional way. For Christmas, they are cooking their favourite food and the families who can afford it will celebrate with even roasting meat and share with family and neighbours. The New Year is celebrated both the the 31st night , when they go for prayers to pray for good life and prosperity for the next year and face the new year at midnight. The first day of the year is celebrated with pito (a local brew made from red millet) and parties with family and neighbours, where they cook rice and share. The staple food of the villagers is TZ (a thick porridge made from maize flour or millet), and they appreciate to eat special food like rice for celebrations.

The local brew pito is used for celebrations in the villages. It is made from red millet.

The local brew pito is used for celebrations in the villages. It is made from red millet.

Lost Opportunities Foundation developed through the last year. We got our website, and we had almost 200 people following us on Facebook. May we ask you to like our page and share it with your friends for even more followers?

We got our first donation from friends in Norway, and the organization Raw Products from the Wild renovated the roof of the community house for us. The organization Rural Enterprise Program was visiting the women who weave, and organized a workshop to teach them to work with mixing colours to get more varieties and brighter colours, and they also teached new skills to weave different shapes of the baskets.

Now the women are working on weaving baskets that will be shipped to Norway in January and sold on the Sunday Market of Blå in Oslo, we will shortly post photos of the baskets on the blog.

We wish you all the best for the new year, please check out how you can involve to support our foundation.




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