Renovation of the community house

We are very happy to announce that we got help to make some upgrades to our community house.

We have had some problems with leakage from the old roof, and with no  doors or windows in the house, animals were entering the house when it is empty. It becomes dusty during the dry and windy season, and it becomes dirty and wet during the rainy season.

We are thankful to the company Raw Products from the Wild, represented by the Frenchman Mr. Jean-Baptiste Anizan, who supported the renovation. They funded the work to build cover for the window and a door with lock, and they also helped us to repair parts of the roof. From the leftover wood, we also built some working chairs for the women. If you are curious about the history of the community house, you can read more in the About us and the history section.

The women are now enjoying a cleaner working environment, and we are so grateful for the help.

We may also involve involve in future co-operation with Raw Products from the Wild to supply them with products growing naturally in our community, creating more business opportunities for the women.

If you want to support us, find out how you can involve.


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