World Food Day 16th October

IMG-20141010-WA0004The theme of the World Food Day 2014 is family farming with the slogan “feeding the world, caring for the earth”, to draw the attention to the importance of small scale agriculture as a contributor to the overall food security of the world and a sustainable food production. Enough food is a right for all humans in the world. It is food for thought that some of the countries in the world that produce the bulk of the world´s food are still suffering from inadequate food to feed their people. Today still people die from hunger and malnutrition, while others are overfed.

This is an important day which annually draw the attention of the world towards the important themes of eradicating hunger and poverty, providing food security and nutrition, improving livelihoods, managing natural resources, protecting the environment, and achieving sustainable development, in particular in rural areas.

FAO have published a nice infographic about the importance of family farming in the world:
Download the infographic

IMG-20141010-WA0000All the women in our foundation are involved in family farming. However, they are not able to live from farming alone. The northern parts of Ghana are known for harsh weather conditions, with long periods of dry weather and extremely high temperatures. Also, the soil around Bolga is not very fertile for growing crops, so feeding your family from farming alone is difficult. That is why most families have to involve in artistic work and handicraft to supplement their incomes – like the basket weaving. At this right moment Sherigu is green and full of joy after a successful yield this season, and we are ready to enter our festival period.


Let world food day make you become more concious. Be a conscious consumer – at home and while traveling. Be aware about fair trade. Be aware about sustainable food practices. Support small scale farming worldwide.


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