Meet us in Accra for a chat, a free tour or drum lessons!

The rainy season has  started in Bolgatanga and from May to September people will be busy growing crops. The women from Lost Opportunities Foundation are still weaving, but they spend far more time helping their families in the field than in the community house weaving!

It is also tourist season in Ghana! That means that the art market in Accra is busy and Fuseini is now in Accra to upgrade his shop in the art market for the busy season. The art market is a great place to connect with travelers from all over the world and we hope that we will be able to meet some great people who may be interested in buying baskets from us or join us to the north to visit our project.

Are you coming to Accra this year? Feel free to visit us in shop 69 in the art market for a chat – and we will of course give you a free tour of the art market and give you more information about our projects if you are interested.

While Fuseini is in Accra, he also gives drumming lessons. You will get a free introduction class if you like and if you want to learn to play the djembe he will charge you 20 GHC per hour for private lessons (one person) and 15 GHC for each person for group lessons (two or more people).

drum lessons
Please call Fuseini on +233 24 876 8597 or +233 50 649 0087 if you want to just meet up in Accra or if you want to make an appointment to hear more about our projects or take drumming lessons.

Welcome to SHOP NUMBER 69 in the Art Market!


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