Fundraising – solar panels for community house and social welfare fee

fundraisingGetting through all the registration processes in Ghana is not easy, it takes a lot of time to get through the system in the different offices to get all official papers in order. We got our organization number last year, and now we need to raise funds to register in the social welfare system, in order to be allowed to open a tax free bank account for the Lost Opportunities Foundation.

NGO´s have to register in the social welfare system, so that they can make sure that the NGO is actually doing social work and charity work. When you deliver an application to the social welfare system, they will get in touch with the local assembly, who then will visit the communities the NGO claim to work with. They will check if the NGO is doing what they claim to do, and if they are satisfied with their findings, they will issue you a guarantee letter for the bank to allow you to open a bank account to fundraise money tax free.

To get through the process of register in the social welfare system, we will need around 500 GHC (210 USD).

community house

We also want to support the women in the village with solar panel lights in the community house that they use when they are weaving. There are no electricity in the village, and the women have to close down the work around 16 every day to go home to cook, and they are not able to resume to weave in the evening due to lack of light. We have found some small solar systems with two lamps which would be perfect for the community house, and we want to install four of these so that the women will be able to work in the evenings, and we can also hold our meetings there after everyone finish their daily tasks. The cost of four solar systems is 1000 GHC (420 USD).

We reach out a hand to our friends and followers and ask you kindly to make a small contribution to help us move forward.

For now our only way of fundraising money is through Western Union or MoneyGram, since it is not possible for a Ghanaian organization to open a PayPal account – and we do not yet have a bank account. Since the cash transfer companies are not convenient for everyone, we will also offer donors to transfer money through the company Reitehaug Text and Photo, who built this website for us.

Transfer details:

Western Union/MoneyGram
Money can be transferred to Fuseini Ayologo, and transfer detail with transfer number, amount and security question can be sent to

To make it easy for our donors to follow the fundraising process, we will publish a list of all donors with their first name and the amount they donated – so that you can be sure that your money reaches our organization.

If we are lucky enough to fundraise more than the 1500 GHC we need, the money will be spent to repair the roofing of the community house, to prepare for the rainy season.

We hope that you will be able to help us with a contribution, and please share this post with your friends and family in case they also are able to help us one step forward.


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