Welcome to Lost Opportunities Foundation. We are an NGO based in the Upper East Region of Ghana and our aim is to bring business opportunities and development to communities in the village of Sherigu in Bolgatanga.
Our main focus is to create an international market for the beautiful traditional baskets that the women in Sherigu weave, to supply the village with water pumps and to build a school to educate the children of three selected communities in Sherigu. Read more about us and our history and have a look at our mission, vision and goals.


Etsuko Ito is running the Accra Millennium Marathon September 5th 2015 to fundraise for a kindergarten in our village Sherigu. Please read how YOU can contribute.

Few children in Sherigu go to school since their parents struggle to even make the daily living to feed their families. We believe that creating business opportunities for the women, in combination with building a school in the village will create opportunities for the children in the village.

The colorful traditional Bolga baskets are woven in the villages around Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana. This part of Ghana is known for harsh weather conditions, with long periods of dry weather and extremely high temperatures. Also, the soil around Bolga is not very fertile for growing crops, so feeding your family from farming alone is difficult. Most families have to be involved in artistic works and handicrafts to supplement their incomes and the basket weaving traditions have been passed on from mother to daughter for generations. Read more about the traditional technique – we have also added a few videos so you can see how the women work.

The baskets come in different shapes and designs. You can visit this page to see a selection of the varieties we can offer and buy the baskets.

If you want to support our work, please see how you can get involved or consider giving a donation to support our work.

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